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“Implementing while learning is the main key to success in your initial days of any startup”Raj Kumar.

Raj Kumar is a successful serial entrepreneur & a keynote speaker, he is a three times TEDx speaker his annual revenue is five Million USD ($5 Mn). He is the co-founder of _____. 

Owner of _______ Marketing Agency, and _______ Blockchain solutions.

Raj Kumar DreamsIn early 2017, a boy from small-town Firozabad came to Delhi just like another person with dreams in his eyes thinking about changing the world, impact the youth of India. Well having great ideas in mind nurturing them, all of the things which a usual boy does.

But did he get success in his first attempt or in second or third? 


The answer is no what we have seen him today; it was not like that always. He started with the direct selling industry and guess what he got some results but did not succeed then in late 2018 he started learning about digital marketing and he chose affiliate marketing to start with just like every other individual back then it was a decision at whim. He says he learnt a lot in those days but due lack of proper execution and lack of a mentor who can guide him, he was not sure if he was doing the right thing or not but yet he decided to continue with it. In early 2019 he started with Social Media Marketing agency and guess what again he failed. But did he give up?

 NO, he did not, he again tried and in 2021 finally, he got success in his first venture with his school friends _________ is a successful platform that Raj Kumar and his friends formed back in 2020 and it turned out to be a unique and very creative venture. Then he started with blockchain development in late 2021 and formed a business solutions agency based on blockchain technology. Which later in mid-2022 started showing very good statistics. He was doing all of this while learning and he still learns.

In 2021 he also formed a marketing agency which in late 2022 generated a revenue of around $300,000 in 6 months and it was just a start. 

In 2023 his blockchain Apps development agency generated revenue of One Million USD and it was the time when he knew that he was making change and yet he started to nurture the youth of India. 

He started giving speeches at colleges, addressing seminars, conferences and all of these while running three successful business ventures.

We got a chance to talk with him and we asked him how he manages multiple tasks and daily activities, he told us to meditate and to exercise daily regularly. He is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a good chef. He loves to cook and loves to play cricket.

A person with multiple business ventures is a serial entrepreneur. 

He also runs an NGO which provides education to underprivileged children and every Monday he spends some time with these children and he says it is his one of the favourite times.


He also talked about his upcoming book and he told us that it is going to launch very soon. We would love to read that book. About his life and learnings.

This is it for this article but if you want to deep dig down about Raj Kumar do check out his website and his youtube about his journey.




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