5 Effective proven ways to skyrocket your PG business

This article consists of 5 methods for growing PG and co-living businesses online.

  1. Get a professional search-engine-optimized website.
  2. Do not miss out on social media marketing
  3. Get listed on verified property listing websites
  4. Get the most of reviews & testimonials
  5. Create Community.


Owning and managing a PG or co-living space is a challenging, yet fun task at hand. We’re sure that most of you might be applying many co-living marketing strategies. Though it’s not a bad idea to check what’s working and what’s not, and then add in a few innovative ways to that if need be. 

You should understand that a PG business varies considerably from other hospitality businesses. While you can say that the other business is pretty much straightforward (providing accommodation with maybe a few services), a PG or co-living space on the other hand cannot survive by just offering accommodation. 

Of course, the PG and co-living target markets are altogether different, and hence different requirements and tactics for hostel marketing as well.

So, today I am going to give you 5 effective and proven ways to market your PG and co-living spaces business and skyrocket its growth.

  • Get a professional search-engine-optimized Website.

You see, technically, your website is the first and the only marketing tool that you own.

The faster you understand the importance of a website in your business, the better your business will perform.

Wherever you are listed on the web, be it social media, other property listing sites, we really do not own those places and the downside is that they can be manipulated by their owners, but your website is your own property nobody can manipulate it except you. And having a professional website for any business is recommended in the modern internet world people search on the internet about your authority.

Now when you design your website, don’t stick to the old ways of content marketing. Perform good SEO and add appropriate keywords so that your efforts in designing a website provide you good returns.

SEO will make your website visible and rank on the search engines. Further, local SEO plays an important role in boosting your hostel bookings. We have a blog post for tips on SEO for hotels, which works effectively for hostel websites as well. Here are some of the best ways to do hostel website SEO.

In the end, don’t miss getting listed as a Google My Business. This will make your hostel visible when people search for hostels in your region. Viewers will be able to find your website with proper contact information about your business.


  • Do not miss out on social media marketing

In today’s world, social media is an integral part of people’s lives it is 95% of the internet and it can be a big advantage for businesses online. Social media is the best place to showcase creativity in your business

Use social media for awareness about your brand, acquiring leads, inquiry forms, engaging with the audience, and whatnot. You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and on other social platforms to gain visibility in your area and to get new bookings.


  • Get listed on verified property listing website

People don’t consider this step as a marketing plan for their business but it is crucial because from this listing site you will get tenants who are really looking for accommodation. And if you have a significant budget then you can run ads on these networks as well. 

Get on the sites like Nobroker, Nestaway, OyoLife(Do not consider it if you want to be an independent Chain) etc.


  • Get the most of reviews and testimonials 

Reviews majorly pose as a decision-maker for your guests. Besides affecting your online reputation, they even affect your bookings. The industry is gradually realizing the importance of online reviews. And the sooner you do so too, the better it will be for your business. 

Focusing on hotel reviews and reputation management should be on your task list henceforth.

Collect as many reviews for your PG as you can, and respond to them. Once your guests check out, ask them to give you feedback on Facebook, booking sites, and even Google. In turn, you can offer them some discounts the next time they want accommodation. 

  • Create Community

Creating community is the best way to get stronger in your category of business, do not just forget those tenants who checked out make sure to add them to your community. 

Organize events within your property and give treats to your tenants.


These are some of the proven methods that worked for businesses. If you are a PG owner do not miss our 60-Minute free consulted call for digital marketing for your business. And if you have any questions you can reach out to me.

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